Published 26 Aug, 2022

Java - Using Java Advanced Imaging with Maven

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Modified : Oct 04, 2022

The JAI setup is quite tedious, involving multiple jars and environment variables. It would aid the project's portability quite a lot if I could add it as a regular Maven dependency.

The POM snippet I'm using is


and the errors are

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------                               
[ERROR] BUILD ERROR                                                                                             
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------                                 
[INFO] Failed to resolve artifact.                                                                              


I can, of course, download and install those jars. The problem is twofold:

  • jai_imageio requires two jars;
  • jai_imageio requires a native library to be installed and two environment variables to be set.

I have not found a way to make this work with Maven.

See Reading JCS_YCCK images using ImageIO for the reason I'm using JAI.


There are 4 suggested solutions here and each one has been listed below with a detailed description. The following topics have been covered briefly such as Java, Maven 2, Jai. These have been categorized in sections for a clear and precise explanation.


What I failed to see was that the JAI dependency needed to be satisfied only at runtime, and therefore I made sure the production environment has access to JAI, by configuring it for Tomcat.


To avoid donwloading the jars and installing them you can add a dependency on the spring repo. So change the normal dependency slightly:


and add a repository declaration:

        <name>SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository - External Bundle Releases</name>

And it should now work (it makes all the sun classes available*). See here:

You can also add the codec dependency if necessary...


I add this dependencies in my pom file:




The repository url in manunu's answer seems to have changed or at least is temporarily unavailable, which causes the maven build to fail. As an alternative, the following url can be used:

   <releases />
   <name>myGrid Repository</name>