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Published 28 Oct, 2022
Java - RabbitMQ Connection reset Exception

I have the same issue from this question: RabbitMQ Connection reset. My code is in kotlin and from val connectionFactory = Connection...

Published 06 Sep, 2022
Java - how to add .crt file to keystore and trust store

I am having a .crt file and I wanted to import to keystore and truststore using java(first create keystore and truststore then import). Below is the code that I am using: import org.glassfish.tyrus...

Published 26 Apr, 2022
Python - Pip SSL Error on Windows

I use Python 3.x on Windows 7 64 bit in an environment without full control of inbound/outbound traffic processing. Up till this week I've been able to use the --trusted-host flag with...

Published 30 Sep, 2022
Java - SSLHandshakeException: Certificate Unknown (Java Spring Boot & Android)

I have a Spring Boot API that runs locally, with a self-signed certificate, using the HTTPS protocol. Obviously, when I send GET Requests from the browser, I receive the io.netty.handler.codec.Decode...

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - Parsing encrypted PKCS#8 encoded pem file programatically

I am having trouble figuring out how to properly read a private key of a pem file. I have gone through different topics on stackoverflow, but I couldn't find the solution for it. What I want to achiev...

Published 01 May, 2022
Python - Python+LDAP+SSL

Good day. In advance, I apologize for my English, my national forums and resources did not help. I am making a script that either changes or creates a user's password in AD After studying the issue, i...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Cache entry deserialization failed, entry ignored

C:\Users\deypr>pip3 install sklearn Collecting sklearn Cache entry deserialization failed, entry ignored Retrying (Retry(total=4, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after...

Published 29 Jul, 2022
Python - pip3 install failed due to an EnvironmentError

I'm trying to install imutils and dlib via pip on my 64 bit ARMV8 board. pip3 install imutils throws certificate verify failed error. I now have to use pip3 install imutils --trusted-host --...

Published 30 Aug, 2022
Java - Java exception client authentication TLS: password must not be null

I wrote this code to communicate with ejbca server (JBoss 5.1.0.GA-jdk6, EJBCA 4.0.10 and openjdk-6-jdk ): CryptoProviderTools.installBCProvider(); String urlstr = "https://ejbca05:8443/ejbca...

Published 26 Aug, 2022
Python - Python PIP and InsecurePlatformWarning

I'm trying to install requests library for Python (2.6.6 on CentOS6) as sudo pip install requests[security] I'm getting these error messages: /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pip/_vendor/requests/...

Published 23 Aug, 2022
Java - Received fatal alert: handshake_failure through SSLHandshakeException

I have a problem with authorized SSL connection. I have created Struts Action that connects to external server with Client Authorized SSL certificate. In my Action I am trying to send some data to ban...

Published 16 Apr, 2022
React - Net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on http POST to express server

I'm trying to post from a react client to an express server on localhost and I get this error in google chrome. react app: http://localhost:3000 express app: http://localhost:5000 POST https://local...

Published 08 Sep, 2022
Java - java - ignore expired ssl certificate

URL myUrl = new URL("https://www....."); SSL Certificate of website is expired. How to avoid it and make URL() work ?

Published 14 Jun, 2022
Python - How to make python on Heroku https only?

I have python/django app on Heroku (Cedar stack) and would like to make it accessible over https only. I have enabled the "ssl piggyback"-option, and can connect to it via https. But what is the bes...

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - Java Keytool error after importing certificate , "keytool error: & Access Denied"

I'm trying to connect a Java Web API via HTTPS; however, an exception is thrown: I followed these steps which I learne...