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Published 13 Sep, 2022
Java - getSession().getAttribute("....") -> null

I created a signIn servlet: @WebServlet( name = "SignInServlet", description = "check email & pass", urlPatterns = {"/authorization_signin"} ) public class SignInServlet extends j...

Published 21 Aug, 2022
Python - Sharing sessions between two flask servers

I have a backend with two flask servers. One that handles all RESTfull request and one that is an flask-socketio server. Is there a way how I can share the session variables (Logged in User etc.) betw...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Constant Flask Session IDs

I've a Flask application, served with Nginx+WSGI (FastCGI & Gevent) and use standard Flask sessions. I do not use the session.permanent=True or any other extra option, but simply set SECRET_KEY in...

Published 14 Jun, 2022
Python - session auth in python

Using session from requests module in python, it seems that the session sends authorization only with first request, I can't understand why this happened. import requests session = requests.Session()...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Secret key not set in flask session, using the Flask-Session extension

Right now I am using a flask 3rd party library Flask-Session and I am having no luck getting a session working. When I connect to my site, I get the following error: RuntimeError: the session is unav...

Published 27 Jun, 2022
Reactjs - Authentication logic for sessions that last while tab is open

Assume you are working on a front end application that performs authentication through 3rd party api. Successful authentication returns a json web token. What would be best practices to store such to...

Published 23 Apr, 2022
React - Get cookie with react

I need to know if my user is connected or not. For that I want to read the cookies that I set in the server side with express-session : app.use(session({ secret: 'crypted key', resave: false,...

Published 11 Jul, 2022
Jquery - How access session in JavaScript?

I created session in CakePHP like this: $User = array('userid'=>232, 'access'=>1) $this->Session->write('User',$User); Now I want to check userid in session using JavaScript / jQuery I...

Published 09 Jun, 2022
Reactjs - req.session is not storing data

I'm trying to implement a login system where an user can register to a website, and then sign in with his account. Once the user is logged in, he can edit his personal information. To check if the u...

Published 04 Sep, 2022
Java - Passing variable from action class (Struts 2) to JSP

Technology used Struts2 and JSP In Jsp I am checking my session value as whether it is set or not. <s:if test="%{#session.sessionKey}"> Now I have another random variable rndmVar in m...

Published 02 Aug, 2022
Jquery - Keeping a related ASP.NET application's session alive from another ASP.NET application

I have 2 applications running on the same domain. The flow goes like so: Application 1 Application 1 -> Application 2 Application 2 -> Application 1 Application 1 is WebForms ( framework 2....

Published 03 Sep, 2022
Java - Hibernate session.contains( Class clazz, Serializable id )

I want to be able to check whether a session contains an entity of a given class/identifier. I can't see a way to do this at the moment. contains() takes an entity object not class + key get() quer...

Published 03 Sep, 2022
Java - How remember me feature works?

Definition of "Remember Me" feature is When you check the "Remember Me" checkbox at the Portal Login page, your login will be remembered for some days, even after you close your...

Published 03 Sep, 2022
Java - How to manage sessions in a distributed application

I have a Java web application which is deployed on two VMs. and NLB (Network Load Balancing) is set for these VMs. My Application uses sessions. I am confused that how the user session is managed in b...

Published 02 Sep, 2022
Java - Tomcat sessions expiring unexpectedly

We are running tomcat application server that handle over 100 concurrent sessions. In the last 2 months the most active users noticed that sometimes they are getting kicked off from the system. As I...