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Published 05 Oct, 2022
Java - how to use cassandra session for multiple threads?

I am using cassandra as backend in web application(in java), where for each user need to create unique session or use single one as in below url? I read session information in this link. https://docs...

Published 14 Jun, 2022
Python - session auth in python

Using session from requests module in python, it seems that the session sends authorization only with first request, I can't understand why this happened. import requests session = requests.Session()...

Published 21 Aug, 2022
Python - Sharing sessions between two flask servers

I have a backend with two flask servers. One that handles all RESTfull request and one that is an flask-socketio server. Is there a way how I can share the session variables (Logged in User etc.) betw...

Published 22 Jul, 2022
Python - Login Wordpress with requests - Python3

import requests with requests.Session() as s: headers1 = {'Cookie':'wordpress_test_cookie=WP Cookie check'} datas={'log':'admin','pwd':'admin','wp-submit':'Log In','redirect_to':'/wordpress/w...

Published 02 Sep, 2022
Java - Tomcat sessions expiring unexpectedly

We are running tomcat application server that handle over 100 concurrent sessions. In the last 2 months the most active users noticed that sometimes they are getting kicked off from the system. As I...

Published 13 Sep, 2022
Java - getSession().getAttribute("....") -> null

I created a signIn servlet: @WebServlet( name = "SignInServlet", description = "check email & pass", urlPatterns = {"/authorization_signin"} ) public class SignInServlet extends j...

Published 08 Aug, 2022
Python - Sql Alchemy QueuePool limit overflow

I have a Sql Alchemy application that is returning TimeOut: TimeoutError: QueuePool limit of size 5 overflow 10 reached, connection timed out, timeout 30 I read in a different post that this h...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Constant Flask Session IDs

I've a Flask application, served with Nginx+WSGI (FastCGI & Gevent) and use standard Flask sessions. I do not use the session.permanent=True or any other extra option, but simply set SECRET_KEY in...

Published 07 Aug, 2022
Jquery - Session state lost after HttpWebRequest within AJAX post

I have a bit of strange behaviour in an web application that involves the session state being lost. Process A user logs into the application and the session is set. They then fill out 1 fiel...

Published 04 Sep, 2022
Java - Passing variable from action class (Struts 2) to JSP

Technology used Struts2 and JSP In Jsp I am checking my session value as whether it is set or not. <s:if test="%{#session.sessionKey}"> Now I have another random variable rndmVar in m...

Published 19 Aug, 2022
Java - Session/cookie management in Apache JMeter

We have a simple performance test flow in an application. We login Search based on some criteria repeat searches for different parameters. We are using Jmeter to do a performance testing. We need...

Published 16 Aug, 2022
Python - Tensorflow: Creating a graph in a class and running it outside

I believe I am having a hard time understanding how graphs work in tensorflow and how to access them. My intuition is that the lines under 'with graph:' will form the graph as a single entity. Hence,...

Published 09 Jun, 2022
Reactjs - req.session is not storing data

I'm trying to implement a login system where an user can register to a website, and then sign in with his account. Once the user is logged in, he can edit his personal information. To check if the u...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Secret key not set in flask session, using the Flask-Session extension

Right now I am using a flask 3rd party library Flask-Session and I am having no luck getting a session working. When I connect to my site, I get the following error: RuntimeError: the session is unav...

Published 09 Aug, 2022
Python - Why not generate the secret key every time Flask starts?

When using sessions, Flask requires a secret key. In every example I've seen, the secret key is somehow generated and then stored either in source code or in configuration file. What is the reason to...