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Published 29 Oct, 2022
Java - Which data structure to use to store millions of objects in multithreading environment ( Scalability and performace )?

My requirement is like : I want to perform frequent operation on millions of objects in multi-threaded environment with concurrency and scalability keeping in mind, I need best data structure suitable...

Published 21 Aug, 2022
Python - Java's Mahout equivalent in Python

Java based Mahout's goal is to build scalable machine learning libraries. Are there any equivalent libraries in Python ?

Published 23 Jun, 2022
Python - Does Django scale?

I'm building a web application with Django. The reasons I chose Django were: I wanted to work with free/open-source tools. I like Python and feel it's a long-term language, whereas regarding Ruby I...

Published 14 Aug, 2022
Python - Django Tag model design

I am wondering if the following is the correct way to create tagging system for images and being able to render a tag cloud: from django.db import models class Tag(models.Model): word = m...

Published 10 Aug, 2022
Java - Should multithreading be used in microservices?

Should parallel programming be used in the development of microservices in case the microservices are scalable and, for instance, deployed as ECS on AWS? If yes, what are the benefits of consuming mo...

Published 05 Sep, 2022
Java - dynamically increasing java heap space

I have written a java program that tests the speed of a couple of multi-threading algorithms on different machines with various numbers of processors. On some machines, merge sort* fails because it...

Published 10 Sep, 2022
Java - Java + NodeJS communicating via socket: Bad Idea?

I like some features of NodeJS, particularly JQuerification, websocket compatibility via, view and css engines that I cannot use with JSP (and of course, asynchronous calls). At least, as fa...