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Published 28 Oct, 2022
Java - RabbitMQ Connection reset Exception

I have the same issue from this question: RabbitMQ Connection reset. My code is in kotlin and from val connectionFactory = Connection...

Published 16 Jun, 2022
Python - Easiest way to push RabbitMQ events to browser using WebSockets in Python?

I have an existing Python system that receives messages using Rabbit MQ. What is the absolute easiest way to get these events pushed to a browser using WebSockets using Python? Bonus if the solution...

Published 17 Aug, 2022
Python - How to connect to the rabbitMQ docker container?

I am spawning a rabbitMQ container with the command - docker run -d --hostname localhost --name rabbit-tox rabbitmq:3 and this is the docker ps -a output - CONTAINER ID IMAGE...

Published 01 May, 2022
Python - Pika, stop_consuming does not work

I'm new to rabbitmq and pika, and is having trouble with stopping consuming. channel and queue setting: connection = pika.BlockingConnection(pika.ConnectionParameters('localhost')) channel = connect...

Published 18 Aug, 2022
Python - Celery does not release memory

It looks like celery does not release memory after task finished. Every time a task finishes, there would be 5m-10m memory leak. So with thousands of tasks, soon it will use up all memory. BROKER_URL...

Published 10 Aug, 2022
Python - Why do the messages in RabbitMQ queue get lost when consumer is restart?

I have set up a RabbitMQ consumer as follows: from collections import OrderedDict from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor import pika import datetime import logging import json from loggin...

Published 09 Aug, 2022
Python - How to match the routing key with binding pattern for RabbitMQ topic exchange using python regex?

I am basically working on RabbitMQ. I am writing a python code wherein I am trying to see if the routing key matches with the binding pattern in case of topic exchange. I came across this link- https:...

Published 07 Aug, 2022
Python - How to ensure that messages get delivered?

How do you ensure that messages get delivered with Pika? By default it will not provide you with an error if the message was not delivered succesfully. In this example several messages can be sent be...

Published 02 Aug, 2022
Python - RabbitMQ brokers on different machines

The hello world example in the tutorial section of rabbitMQ, asks just to change the hostname with the ip of the different machine. But that isn't working for me. I have tried Binding external IP add...

Published 09 Sep, 2022
Java - RabbitMQ "Hello World" example gives "Connection Refused"

II'm trying to make the "hello world" application from here: RabbitMQ Hello World Here is the code of my producer class: package com.mdnaRabbit.producer; import com.rabbitmq.client.ConnectionFactor...

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - How to gracefully stop consuming messages with @RabbitListener

Is there a way to gracefully stop a ListenerContainer, and its associated Consumers. What I'm trying to achieve. Stop consuming messages. Gracefully stop ListenerContainer. Await long running consu...

Published 06 Sep, 2022
Java - How to get Spring RabbitMQ to create a new Queue?

In my (limited) experience with rabbit-mq, if you create a new listener for a queue that doesn't exist yet, the queue is automatically created. I'm trying to use the Spring AMQP project with rabbit-mq...

Published 24 Jul, 2022
Python - Which form of connection to use with pika

I've been trying to figure out which form of connection i should use when using pika, I've got two alternatives as far as I understand. Either the BlockingConnection or the SelectConnection, however...

Published 09 Jun, 2022
Python - How to create a delayed queue in RabbitMQ?

What is the easiest way to create a delay (or parking) queue with Python, Pika and RabbitMQ? I have seen an similar questions, but none for Python. I find this an useful idea when designing applicat...

Published 01 Sep, 2022
Java - JMS and AMQP - RabbitMQ

I am trying to understand what JMS and how it is connected to AMQP terminology. I know JMS is an API and AMQP is a protocol. Here are my assumptions (and questions as well) RabbitMQ uses AMQP prot...