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Published 25 Oct, 2022
Java - Is it actually possible to use generics when defining mappings in Orika?

I know about that type erasure and would prevent to use generics when defining mappings, as this question points out how to map generics objects with Orika?. But Orika FAQ, on the Are generics support...

Published 17 Aug, 2022
Java - Add external data to Orika MappingContext while mapping

I want to add some external properties (something not in the object I'm mapping) to the MappingContext. Here what I want to accomplish: MapperFactory mapperFactory = new DefaultMapperFactory.Bui...

Published 01 Sep, 2022
Java - How to map java.time.LocalDate field with Orika?

This occurs because LocalDate is not a JavaBean (it has no zero-arg constructor) To fix this, you need to create a LocalDateConverter : public class LocalDateConverter extends BidirectionalConverter...