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Published 01 May, 2022
Python - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'gi'

I am trying to run the following program: import gi gi.require_version('Gst', '1.0') from gi.repository import GObject, Gst Bu I am getting: Traceback (most recent call last): File "applicatio...

Published 01 May, 2022
Python - Python.h header file missing on Mac OS X 10.6

I'm trying to access a shared C library in Python with ctypes on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Python 2.7.4. To do this, I need to #include <Python.h> in my C code. If I try to compile a C script that on...

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - How to install specific Java version using Homebrew?

I am looking to install Java on Mac using Homebrew. This works fine using the command brew cask install java.This installs the latest stable version which is currently - 1.8.0_141 However how can I in...

Published 01 May, 2022
Python - “zsh: illegal hardware instruction python” when Tensorflow on macbook pro M1

I've followed every step of this question Install a venv: python3 -m venv venv. drag the (which is located within the downloaded folder) file to the terminal, add -p at the end. select...

Published 23 Aug, 2022
Python - How do I set up Python 3 with IntelliJ IDEA on OSX?

I'm highly confused about this. Python3 is installed per default on the MacBook. which python3 will output /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.6/bin/python3 Great, so that's my SDK to pu...

Published 09 May, 2022
Python - Socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already in use

I'm trying to set up a server with python from mac terminal. I navigate to folder location an use: python -m SimpleHTTPServer But this gives me error: socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already...

Published 09 Oct, 2022
Java - Kafka with Zookeeper 3.5.7 Crash NoSuchMethodError: java.nio.ByteBuffer.flip()

I am facing this error stream 2020-03-10 13:43:33 NIOServerCnxnFactory [ERROR] Thread Thread[NIOWorkerThread-7,5,main] died java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.nio.ByteBuffer.flip()Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer...

Published 07 Aug, 2022
Python - Failed building wheel for psutil on macOS

Problem I am trying to install psutil using pip so I ran pip install psutil but I receive the following error message: Failed building wheel for psutil Running clean for psutil What I have...

Published 07 May, 2022
Python - How to set Python3 as a default python version on Mac?

Is there a way to set the Python 3.8.3 as the default Python version on macOS Catalina -- version 10.15.2? Steps I have done: Look where it is installed. ls -l /usr/local/bin/python* The outpu...

Published 29 Jun, 2022
Python - record output sound in python

i want to programatically record sound coming out of my laptop in python. i found PyAudio and came up with the following program that accomplishes the task: import pyaudio, wave, sys chunk = 1024 F...

Published 25 Jun, 2022
Python - Ignoring ensurepip failure: pip 7.1.2 requires SSL/TLS - Python 3.x & OS X

I am trying to install Python 3.5.1 according to these instructions: I have: OS X 10.11.3, no Homebrew....

Published 14 Aug, 2022
Python - Removing Python 3.8 entry in Mac OS PATH

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION I'm setting up a new MacBook and decided to jump too fast into downloading Python 3.8. I downloaded it from the website before realizing it's better pract...

Published 26 Aug, 2022
Python - How to install flask-mysqldb on Mac OSX?

I tried sudo pip3 install flask-mysqldb but got the following error: Command "python egg_info" failed with error code 1 in /private/tmp/pip-build-3l4jec4_/mysqlclient/

Published 26 Apr, 2022
Python - Make python3 as my default python on Mac

What I'm trying to do here is to make python3 as my default python. Except the python 2.7 which automatically installed on mac, I installed python3 with homebrew. This is the website that I'm followin...

Published 03 Jun, 2022
Python - Python multiprocessing with M1 Mac

I have a mac (Mac Os 11.1, Python Ver 3.8.2) and need to work in multiprocessing, but the procedures doesn’t work. import multiprocessing def func(index: int): print(index) manager = multiproc...