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Published 17 Sep, 2022
Java - making a java package in the command line

Though it's probably reccomended one uses and IDE for coding advanced java projects, I personally prefer running almost entirely command-line (using gedit as a text-editor). So please don't just tell...

Published 20 Aug, 2022
Python - npm install giving errors : [node version : 16.2.0 and npm version : 7.13.0]

The command used : sudo npm install I am trying to execute this command inside the a specific folder. The package.json file is as shown: "dependencies": { "@branu-jp/v-drag":...

Published 31 Aug, 2022
Python - TensorFlow Permission Denied Error /Location

Following this tutorial when I run in my terminal I get this error on Ubuntu 16.04: File "/home/alarik/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tensorflow/python/framework/", lin...

Published 26 Apr, 2022
Python - How to use `subprocess` command with pipes

I want to use subprocess.check_output() with ps -A | grep 'process_name'. I tried various solutions but so far nothing worked. Can someone guide me how to do it?

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Pycharm and sys.argv arguments

I am trying to debug a script which takes command line arguments as an input. Arguments are text files in the same directory. Script gets file names from sys.argv list. My problem is I cannot launch t...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - How to use python2.7 pip instead of default pip

I just installed python 2.7 and also pip to the 2.7 site package. When I get the version with: pip -V It shows: pip 1.3.1 from /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages (python 2.6) How do I use the 2.7...

Published 24 Apr, 2022
Python - Error: Missing the OpenSSL lib? while trying to install python

I have tried installing python in pyenv env, in which i am getting the below error. I have added openssl to the path variable as openssl is already available, still it is throwing the same error. Al...

Published 06 May, 2022
Python - How do I update a Python package?

I'm running Ubuntu 9:10 and a package called M2Crypto is installed (version is 0.19.1). I need to download, build and install the latest version of the M2Crypto package (0.20.2). The 0.19.1 package...

Published 29 Aug, 2022
Python - Faking an IO Error on Linux

I have a Python and C application on Linux that's supposed to properly handle IO errors whilst reading files from disk. The bulk of the application is written in Python, with a C extension that does t...

Published 26 Apr, 2022
Python - E: Package 'python-pip' has no installation candidate

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Package python-pip is not available, but is referred to by another pac...

Published 27 Jun, 2022
Python - execute multiple commands in Linux using python in the same time

I need to execute multiple commands in Linux using python in the same time. I don't need to run it command by command. I try to write this code but i can't understand how to execute multiple commands...

Published 01 May, 2022
Python - How to split a huge csv file based on content of first column?

I have a 250MB+ huge csv file to upload file format is group_id, application_id, reading and data could look like 1, a1, 0.1 1, a1, 0.2 1, a1, 0.4 1, a1, 0.3 1, a1, 0.0 1, a1, 0.9 2, b1, 0.1 2,...

Published 26 Aug, 2022
Python - How can I write Python code to support both Windows and Linux?

I have some code which needs to do very similar things on both Windows and Linux. Unfortunately I require several system-specific functions (e.g. hidden files: Python cross platform hidden file). What...

Published 26 Apr, 2022
Python - Call to operating system to open url?

What can I use to call the OS to open a URL in whatever browser the user has as default? Not worried about cross-OS compatibility; if it works in linux thats enough for me!

Published 25 Aug, 2022
Python - Python Linux dmidecode, how to obtain HW info by Parsing?

I'm using Fedora 17 64bit, installed dmidecode and python-dmidecode, in my search for a doc on how to use python-dmidecode, i've yet to find anything. I found an example while browsing the source but...