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Published 30 Oct, 2022
Java - Wildfly datasource does not connect to MySql database

I am completely new to Wildfly/JBoss so i am clueless what to do, i am sitting on this problem since yesterday noon. I am trying to use the mysql-connector-java-8.0.20.jar as the connector and my Wil...

Published 05 Sep, 2022
Java - SQLException: No suitable Driver Found for jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/orcl

I am trying to develop a Java EE application that connect to an Oracle database from eb service class but I encounter a SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/...

Published 03 Sep, 2022
Java - Apache Commons VFS - cannot resolveFile

The VFS method cannot process this URI ${jboss.server.temp.dir}/local/outgoing configured in jboss-beans.xml which is resolved to "C:\\Download\\jboss-eap-5.1.1\\server\\default\\tmp/local/outgoing" b...

Published 14 Aug, 2022
Java - Address already in use: JVM_Bind java

Some times whenever I restart the application, which is built on Java Struts Mysql and Jboss 4.05 Version I get the error as Address already in use: JVM_Bind Only fix that i know is to restart the m...

Published 02 Sep, 2022
Java - How to get two WAR files to run separetly on JBOSS 7

Ive been searching but unable to find an solution to the problem I have. Description: I have two WAR files stage.war and master.war that are essentially the same application but with different names....

Published 01 Sep, 2022
Java - java slow : entropy related issue

I am running into an issue where java is slow when used over SSL. The solution is to add to java at the command line. Since I have multiple JVM's, I dont want t...

Published 13 Sep, 2022
Java - Why is this Simple JAX RS example not working?

I am trying to get working a simple JAX RS example, but I am failing to do so. web.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <web-app xmlns:xsi="

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - Error in JBOSS deployment

I'm having an issue very strange in my enviroment wich is jboss-5.1.0.GA java version "1.6.0_33" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_33-b03) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.8-b03,...

Published 05 Sep, 2022
Java - Why all files in my application are written to jboss tmp directory?

I have function like this in my Bean: public String uploadFile(UploadedFile uploadedFile) {"Enter: uploadFile(UploadedFile uploadedFile)."); String name = uploadedFile.getName();...

Published 02 Sep, 2022
Java - Failed to start service jboss.persistenceunit: org.hibernate.service.UnknownServiceException

I would like to ask if somebody could help to resolve this problem because I'm stuck with it and I don't know where the problem could be. Until now I developed my application under Glassfish Server 4....

Published 01 Sep, 2022
Java - Jboss port configuration on Intellij Idea error

I'm trying to run my application on Jboss App Server by Intellij Idea12. I've done configuration: but As you can see in the picture I got the error Management Port Configuration not found.

Published 01 Sep, 2022
Java - Keycloak Provider not found

i got a Keycloak 4.2.1 Server and im trying to implement a custom "LoginFormsProvider" for it. My goal is to extend to the login page (freemarker) with an additional component, in my case a simple inf...

Published 31 Aug, 2022
Java - Need to add multiple items in list - decision table - Drools

I need to create a new multiple instance of objects for the Pojo class in drools decision table. I have implemented using two facts Student fact and subject fact class. I need to fire all the rules in...

Published 29 Aug, 2022
Java - UnknownHostException from Java but host resolves with Ping/nslookup/curl

We are getting the following exception when a Java EE server tries to resolve a host name from one of the services. We were able to resolve that host name on the box manually with ping/nslookup comman...

Published 28 Aug, 2022
Java - Database Fail Over in Jboss Data sources

In JBoss data source how can I give multiple connection strings for database fail over in which I want . There will be two Mysql db with same tables say DB1 and DB2. I want to insert data to DB1, if...