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Published 30 Oct, 2022
Java - How to extract timed ID3 metadata from HLS stream in ExoPlayer?

I have an M3U8 file located here: This video contains timed metadata every single second. My goal is to read this metadata from ExoPlayer. I curre...

Published 04 Sep, 2022
Java - ExoPlayer: Place controller under the video without overlapping the video

I have a PlayerView that takes up the top half of the Activity in portrait orientation with the bottom half of the screen showing some text. I need to have the controller under the video without over...

Published 23 Aug, 2022
Java - > Could not find

I am facing this exoplayer not found error in video android studio application after I updated my project dependencies. I don't know how to update old Exoplayer link to

Published 10 Aug, 2022
Java - Player.EventListener is deprecated how to use instead of Player.Listener in Java

In Exoplayer version 2.14.1 Playerd.EventListener() is deprecated. when I read docs its says use instead of Player.Listener, but I have no idea how to use that method like below code. simpleExoPlayer....

Published 09 Sep, 2022
Java - ExoPlayer switching media source without black screen

I'm using exoplayer in my project, when switching mediasource i just use player.stop(); player.prepare(mediaSource); This causes approx. 0.5 seconds black screen until it switches video. Is there...

Published 29 Aug, 2022
Java - Android - ExoPlayer start playing as soon as possible without too much buffering

I am using a simple exoplayer test code to play videos from an URL and I noticed that after the player connects, it buffers about 2-3 seconds until it starts playing (I am referring to approximately 2...

Published 28 Aug, 2022
Java - ExoPlayer, MediaSource created Video Player not Playing the video extracted from a URL

I'm trying to create an ExoPlayer Video Player using the MediaSource. I have created a simple video player to play an .mp4 video file extracted from a online server. My created app opens normally and...

Published 21 Aug, 2022
Java - How to pause/resume video in Exoplayer?

I am using Exoplayer for playing video Code For Playing Video private PlayerView videoView; SimpleExoPlayer player; videoView = findViewById(; player = ExoPlayer...

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - Exoplayer Background: how to set a background for exoplayer

I'm development a app with a m3u8 transmission using exoplayer, and some times my transmission is offline, so a need to show a background image with it happenes, and i now find no options to solve thi...

Published 10 Sep, 2022
Java - How to get current duration of video in exo player?

I'm using the ExoPlayer library for playing some videos from the online data sources. Everything is working fine. Now I want to get current video duration/position on every second. I can't get any opt...

Published 01 Sep, 2022
Java - Stopping Exoplayer onSwipe of ViewPager

I am using a ViewPager with single fragment instance in which I am showing Media files like Images, Videos, Audio. I have implemented ExoPlayer for handling Video & Audio files. And Glide for im...