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Published 16 Apr, 2022
Javascript - Typescript error - 'boolean' is not assignable to type 'number'

Can anybody help me. I am trying to sort strings from array var someArray= ["3a445a_V1", "3", "2a33s454_V1", "1", "3_V2", "2s4a34s3_V2", "234343"]; const [record] = => parseFloat...

Published 15 Apr, 2022
Javascript - How to set compilerOptions.isCustomElement for VueJS 3 in Laravel project

Try this in your webpack.mix.js mix.js('resources/assets/js/app.js', 'public/js').vue({ options: { compilerOptions: { isCustomElement: (tag) => ['md-linedivider'].includes(tag), }, }...

Published 15 Sep, 2022
Java - "A JNI Error has occurred" for one instance of the program, not for another

I made a large program in Eclipse Java Mars on one computer which worked fine. I exported the program as a runable Jar-file and running it gave no problem whatsoever. Even when I exported the entire p...

Published 15 Sep, 2022
Java - What does "Incompatible types: void cannot be converted to ..." mean?

What does the Java compilation message: "Incompatible types: void cannot be converted to ..." mean, and how do I fix it. Some compilers use different wording; e.g. "Type mismatch: ca...

Published 06 Jun, 2022
Python - How to solve "Preparing wheel metadata ... error" this error for MacOS for python 3.9

I am trying to use pip3 with python 3.9 to install modules... I read replies for windows which suggest installing VisualStudio as we need a good C++ compiler I use macOS I am adding the input and erro...

Published 29 Aug, 2022
Python - Error: suffix or operands invalid for `vbroadcastss'

I'm trying to install annoy via pip install annoy on a CentOS 6.5 server, but got the following errors. Any idea? I found VBROADCASTSS in here, but still have no idea how to fix these error. gcc -pth...

Published 02 Jun, 2022
Python - how to succesfully compile python 3.x

Upon attempting to compile python 3.7 I hit Could not import runpy module: [email protected]:$ wget .... [email protected]:~/Python-3.7.3$ ./configure -...

Published 13 Sep, 2022
Java - Java 8: Reference to [method] is ambiguous

Does anybody understand why the following code will compile fine in Java 7 and below, but fails with Java 8. public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { put(get("hello")); } public...

Published 13 Sep, 2022
Java - cannot find symbol Serializable?

Why does this: package com.example; import com.example.Foo.Bar.Baz; import; // I did import Serializable... public class Foo implements Serializable { public final Bar ba...

Published 11 Sep, 2022
Java - "error: cannot find symbol HashMap"

Trying to create (or rather learn) a HashMap in below fashion : public class Demo{ public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println("============Starting Hashmap============")...

Published 16 Aug, 2022
Java - Why do I get "must override a superclass method" with @Override?

The following code generates this error message at the public void onClick line. Multiple markers at this line - implements android.view.View.OnClickListener.onClick - The method onClick(V...

Published 10 Sep, 2022
Java - Remove @Override annotation error in Java8

I created the following interface with a single method: public interface Greeting { public void perform(); } I was trying to pass an instance of the interface to the greet() method. public cla...

Published 26 Apr, 2022
Python - How to tell distutils to use gcc?

I want to wrap a test project containing C++ and OpenMP code with Cython, and build it with distutils via a file. The content of my file looks like this: from distutils.core import setup fro...

Published 07 Sep, 2022
Java - Where can I find the Xlint option in Netbeans?

I get an error Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. in Netbeans. Where can I find the option to uncheck?

Published 16 Apr, 2022
Javascript - 'File name differs from already included file name only in casing' on relative path with same casing

Error TS1149: File name 'C:/Project/frontend/scripts/State.ts' differs from already included file name '../frontend/scripts/State.ts' only in casing. I've triple checked the casing in our referen...