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Published 09 Aug, 2022
Jquery - How to show animated gif using Bootstrap button when clicked

i know how to show loading... text when user click on Bootstrap button. this way i do it add two dependency files 1) bootstrap.min.css 2) bootstrap.min.js <button...

Published 17 May, 2022
React - Deactivate input in react with a button click

I have this basic component and I want the textfield to be deactivated or activated whenever I click on a button. How can I achieve this? This is my sample code: import React from "react"; import Bu...

Published 29 Aug, 2022
Python - Hide a Button in Tkinter

I want to hide a tkinter button but not when the user clicks it. I just want to hide it, at random times. How will I do that in Python? Below is the code I tried: self.startGame = Button(self.canvas,...

Published 29 Aug, 2022
Python - Bind function to Kivy button

I'm trying to bind the following function to a Button in Kivy. def auth(self): print(self.username) if self.username == "Hendricko": print("self.username == Hendricko") popup...

Published 13 Aug, 2022
Jquery - show / hide submit button

HOWTO? show submit button only if one or two needed inputs are filled with a value but if you remove on of the needed values, the submit has to disappear. should be done with keyup i think. any idea...

Published 09 Aug, 2022
Jquery - Sliding a div using jQuery scrollleft

I'm pretty new to jQuery, so this is probably a noobish question. I want to move a div left and right, manually (not animated). Specifically, I want to be able to click a Left button, and it moves l...

Published 15 Apr, 2022
Javascript - How to make other button functions automatically run when a button is clicked

import from 'react' export default function App() { const ref = useRef() const onClickUserId = (id) => { console.log(id);; }; const onClickListContent = (Content)...

Published 01 Aug, 2022
Python - Click a href button with selenium and python?

I have one button from one LinkedIn page with this code: <div class="primary-action-button"><a class="primary-action label" href="/requestList?displayProposal=&destID=39959446&am...

Published 12 Jun, 2022
Reactjs - How do I get create extra large Buttons in react-bootstrap not just `size="lg"`

I look at the docs and can only see the size="lg" as larges but I would like bigger like this image show: Image: And what I have now is this using: size="lg" Can I do this bigger...

Published 02 Aug, 2022
Jquery - adding jquery ui icon to a submit button

I have the following code for a submit button my page: The html markup is: <td align="Right"><input type="submit" value="Add Driver" ></td> and the jquery is: $( "input[type=subm...

Published 23 Jun, 2022
Python - How do I position buttons in Tkinter?

I have a program here that has two buttons in it. I am trying to change their position to be a space between them as currently they are directly below each other. What should I do to change the positi...

Published 01 May, 2022
Python - Tkinter custom create buttons

Can tkinter create custom buttons from an image or icon like this?

Published 06 May, 2022
Python - Python Selenium Wait for user to click a button

Context: My script launch to a website using selenium webdriver The user fills in some stuff on the website The user will click a button which will popup a confirm()dialog box asking the user "Do yo...

Published 10 May, 2022
React - MUI - Change Button text color in theme

I'm having a problem with changing button text color directly in the MUI theme. Changing primary color + button font size works fine, so the problem isn't in passing the theme on. Here's my code: impo...

Published 06 May, 2022
React - TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'main')

I'm getting above error when I try to run my below code... before using Material-UI code was working fine.. I need color radio buttons so I added Material-UI into my project. In terminal its compiling...