Published 19 Sep, 2022

Java - Error:No such property: GradleVersion for class: JetGradlePlugin

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Modified : Oct 03, 2022

I am getting below error in intellij for a gradle project. I am importing existing gradle project and trying refresh it in gradle window.

Error:No such property: GradleVersion for class: JetGradlePlugin

Please advise.


There are 4 suggested solutions here and each one has been listed below with a detailed description. The following topics have been covered briefly such as Java, Gradle, Intellij Idea. These have been categorized in sections for a clear and precise explanation.


I had this problem while upgrading to java 11.

I had to downgrade gradle from 5.0 to 4.10.3. Then I needed to upgrade to the latest version of Intellij Idea. You'll probably just need to upgrade Intellij.

edit: Downgrading gradle is the fix. The Intellij version didn't matter.


You need at least Idea 2017.3 to work with Gradle 5.0+, earlier versions are not compatible because of implicit import being removed in version 5.0. See related youtrack ticket


After a couple of days, I found a solution to this.

1)First, find the Gradle version (gradle -v), In my case, Gradle version was 4.1.

2)Then in the android studio change my Gradle version to 4.1 (File --> Project Structure -> Project)

enter image description here

3)Click ok Button.

that's it :)


This was happend to me after i fromat my lap and after installing android 3.1 i tryed to open my projects then this error came

This worked for me:

unstall the android studio > reinstaleled it and updat to the leatest version > upadate gradle